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Rhythms & Rock

National Razor

National Razor - Naked Before God God And Country
A surly, uncontrived blend of the Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, the Beatles, Johnny Cash and the Clash. I hear National Razor as a thinking man’s punk band.. more...
Yucca Flats

Yucca Flats - Garden Of Weeds
Put your preconceptions to the side, Yucca Flats is like no acoustic rock band you’ve heard. The Counting Crows or Dave Matthews are a reference point, but neither capture the Flat’s quirky eloquence. more...
Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue - 1nner City Blues
These guys take me back to my roots in the DC music scene. They play real-deal soul jazz, the stuff that was bubbling out of the clubs on Rhode Island Ave. where I taught myself to record in the ’70s. more...
Al Lee

Al Lee - Ain't Playing The Game
We’ve put a lot of thought into describing the unique appeal of Al’s vocals and guitar. I suggested “James Taylor, but with more balls.” Eldon liked “Cross Roads-era Clapton mixed with Paul Simon, dipped in the blues." more...

The C-Nuts - Blitzkreig Bob and Other Jazz Mutilations
I keep hearing the same thing about this CD: “I didn’t know what to think the first time I played the C-Nuts. Now it’s one of my favorites CDs.” These guys play traditional jazz versions of rock hits they grew up with—Dire Straits, The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Peter Gabriel, all that. more...

Midnite - Ras Mek Peace
I’d been searching three years for a reggae band to record. Then I heard Midnite, just in from St. Croix. Thirty seconds of their tight, crushingly powerful bass groove ended my search. more...
Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels - Rain Of Fire
Here’s our first rock CD. If you like “Desperado” or “Hotel California”-era Eagles, I think you’ll dig the Fallen Angels too. They were one of most the popular underground rock-blues-folk bands on the East Coast in the late ’60s. more...
Silent Bear

Silent Bear - River Drum Child
Silent Bear’s an utterly original singer-songwriter duo. Mark sings, plays guitar and harmonica, writes remarkable songs. Kahlil is a stunningly sensitive percussionist: his congas, shakers, cymbals and bells wrap a myriad of colors and ethnicity around Mark’s songs. more...
Bad Influence

Bad Influence - Live At The Bad Habits Cafe
These guys take a gritty approach to that magic moment when the blues turned into rock ’n‘ roll. Whop Frazier sings Motown-steeped, bluesy vocals on classics from Wilson Pickett, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Reed. more...