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Piano Jazz

John Hicks

John Hicks - Passion Flower
A piano giant of the New York jazz scene for 40 years, John could break your heart with a ballad, sweep you off your feet with an anthem, or boot you into boogeyin’ with one of his cookers. more...
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson - Solo Ballads 1 & 2
“Limpidly and absolutely beautiful, this is a wonderful recording that seems tailor-made for late-night listening...” according to Cadence. more...
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson - Live At Bradleys
Chris' wonderful trio performed at Bradley's, one of New York's best known jazz spots for pianists since 1969, for one thrilling week in May of 1994. more...
Tony Pancella & Larry Willis

Tony Pancella & Larry Willis - Alter Ego
A pair of legendary pianos, two extraordinary pianists and, between them, a breathtaking singleness of groove and invention. Like no other great American jazz pianist today, Larry's playing moves people's hearts and feet. Tony has the same status in Italy. more...
Walter Davis, Jr.

Walter Davis, Jr. - In Walked Thelonious
My friend and superb pianist, Walter Davis, Jr., led relatively few recording sessions throughout his career — despite scores of dates with jazz giants Bird, Dizzy, and countless others more...
Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Paul Murphy & Larry Willis - The Powers Of Two
Ever hear a duo create the impact of a symphony? Larry and Paul do just that. With only piano and drums, they break through to a breathtaking new place in music, a space where jazz and classical and improv become indistinguishable. more...
Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Paul Murphy & Larry Willis - The Powers Of Two, Volume 2
Paul Murphy, the legendary Jimmy Lyons' blazingly fast drummer, inspired this history-making session — an inspired depths in Larry Willis' piano you'll hear nowhere else. more...
Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Sanctuary
Larry’s on-fire piano leads a world-class quintet in a soaring, swinging exploration of matters of the soul and spirit. Slide Hampton says, “Man, Larry’s playin’ like he’s on a mission!” more...
Gerard D'Angelo

Gerard D'Angelo Trio - Not What My Hands Have Done
The evocative balladry and quiet swing of a great piano trio—like Bill Evans’ or our own Frank Kimbrough’s —really gets to me. That's why I was knocked out by Gerard. He locks effortlessly with his trio mates, Jay Anderson and Jeff Hirschfield. more...
Consuela Lee

Consuela Lee - Piano Voices
If you’re a fan of piano greats like Mary Lou Williams, Dorothy Donegan, Art Tatum and Chris Anderson, Consuela’ll be right up your alley. With her drummer, Sangoma Everett, she does Ellington, Waller, Kern and Berlin to pianistic perfection—and writes ensnaring originals. more...
John Hicks

John Hicks - Trio Plus Strings
If you don’t know John, you’re missing one of the greatest living jazz pianists. His originals are dramatic and infectiously swinging— deeply moving ballads, delicately swinging waltzes, and out and out cookers. more...
Rebecca Kane

Rebecca Kane Sextet - A Deeper Well
Rebecca’s all star sextet—including Jack Walrath, Steve Novosel, and Steve Berrios—does her proud. Sonically, a dazzling percussion soundscape envelopes the ringing warmth of her Steinway. The woody resonance of the plucked bass is perfect; the trumpet’s staccato attack is two feet in front of you. more...
John Hicks

John Hicks Trio - Single Pedal Of A Rose
I love the warm romantic blend of piano, flute and bass. If you love flute ballads, you’ll wear the aluminum off this CD. Hicks’ impassioned solos are superb; Walter Booker’s bass adds delicate, dancing-on-tiptoes rhythms. more...
Jack Walrath and Larry Willis

Jack Walrath and Larry Willis - Portraits In Ivory And Brass
Mellow jazz and my favorite mood CD: lyrical and powerfully moving. I hear a warm, dark-toned, soulful trumpeter—Mingus’ last trumpet star—making magic with the master of romantic jazz piano. more...
Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Solo Spirit
I’m still blown away by the majesty and quietly swinging power of Larry’s solo piano on this, his first Mapleshade session. For 20 years, he’d wanted to record his jazz interpretations of the church music he grew up with. Here’s the fruit of those creative years. more...
Chris Anderson

Chirs Anderson - Love Locked Out
Chris is an AMAZING pianist. I’ve never been so moved by ballads. He’s played with legends (Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Sonny Rollins, Gene Ammons, Clifford Brown, Stan Getz) and he’s become a legend. more...
The Frank Kimbrough Trio

The Frank Kimbrough Trio - Lonely Woman
I have a hell of a time finding quiet, mellow, introspective piano that’s not elevator music. Thank goodness Shirley Horn dropped this Trio off right at my door step. She told me Frank’s slow and passionate ballads could make her cry. more...