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Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Sanctuary
Larry’s on-fire piano leads a world-class quintet in a soaring, swinging exploration of matters of the soul and spirit. Slide Hampton says, “Man, Larry’s playin’ like he’s on a mission!” more...

Kenyetta and the Larry Willis Trio - Every Rung Goes Higher
Holy or heathen, it’s hard not to fall in love with Kenyetta’s voice. Imagine the emotional and musical power of Dinah Washington with the spiritual intensity of the ARC Choir. That’s the unique beauty of Kenyetta’s jazz vocals. more...
The Angels

The Angels - Live And Joyful In Charleston
I cut my eyeteeth on this kind of gospel—the sweet, pure, close harmony of a Southern a capella choir. When I heard about South Carolina’s finest, the Angels, I took a chance and went all the way to Charleston to record them. more...
Larry Willis

Chief Bey and Ile Omo Olofi - Children Of The House Of God
Thirty-five years ago, Bey sparked my passion for the African drum when I heard him leading Olatunji’s Drums of Passion. His work with Randy Weston and Art Blakey helped introduce the African drum into jazz. more...
The ARC Choir

The ARC Choir - Walk With Me
The most powerful and moving a capella choir I’ve ever heard. Thirty-two voices strong, the Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir is burning-with-faith gospel from Harlem. more...
Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Solo Spirit
I’m still blown away by the majesty and quietly swinging power of Larry’s solo piano on this, his first Mapleshade session. For 20 years, he’d wanted to record his jazz interpretations of the church music he grew up with. Here’s the fruit of those creative years. more...