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Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Larry Willis & Paul Murphy - The Powers Of Two
Ever hear a duo create the impact of a symphony? Larry and Paul do just that. With only piano and drums, they break through to a breathtaking new place in music, a space where jazz and classical and improv become indistinguishable. more...
Paul Meyers & Santi Debriano

Paul Meyers & Santi Debriano - Spirit and Samba
Playing the New York jazz scene together for over a decade, Paul and Santi have grown into one of jazz’s great duos. Paul’s flawlessly warm guitar sound blends Wes Montgomery’s bluesy soulfulness with Jobim’s Brazilian sensuality. more...
Bob Kindred and Larry Willis

Bob Kindred and Larry Willis - Gentle Giant Of The Tenor Sax
Just back from a little Jimmy Scott recording date, Larry Willis raved about this gorgeous sounding tenor player he’d found. Wow, was he on the money! Right from the start of their session, I was startled by Kindred’s amazing down-home blues power. more...
Larry Willis and Hamiet Bluiett

Larry Willis and Hamiet Bluiett - If Trees Could Talk
This recording lights up the gorgeous contrasts between Bluiett’s huge R&B-based sound and Larry’s lush, romantic piano harmonies. They swing from stride and Monk to loft jazz, Coltrane and free improvisation. more...
Jack Walrath and Larry Willis

Jack Walrath and Larry Willis - Portraits In Ivory And Brass
Mellow jazz and my favorite mood CD: lyrical and powerfully moving. I hear a warm, dark-toned, soulful trumpeter—Mingus’ last trumpet star—making magic with the master of romantic jazz piano. more...
Clifford Jordan and Ran Blake

Clifford Jordan and Ran Blake - Masters From Different Worlds
When you put together two great players as different as Jordan and Blake, you never know if you’ll get magic or a train wreck. This time, we got the magic. Pianist Ran Blake’s been tagged the mad monk of jazz. more...
John Dee & Fris

John Dee & Fris - Country Girl
This is real-deal Piedmont blues, the kind you'd hear in a tin shack juke joint up in the Carolina hills. Actually, we recorded this live set at the LBJ Lounge, a basement club behind the Capitol in DC. more...