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Cookin' Jazz

Steve Davis and Larry Willis

Steve Davis & Larry Willis - Alone Together
"Steve Davis is one of my favorite trombone players of all time. I like his sound, I like the way he writes. He is a very special musician," according to Jackie McLean. Steve and Larry Willis, two of Jackie's greatest protégés, front this smoking group. more...

Windmill Saxophone Quartet - This 'N' That
JazzTimes says "an astonishing palette of sound from the unorthodox instrumentation...inventive and full of panache, with a dash of the experimental avant garde.". more...
Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Paul Murphy & Larry Willis - The Powers Of Two, Volume 2
Paul Murphy, the legendary Jimmy Lyons' blazingly fast drummer, inspired this history-making session — an inspired depths in Larry Willis' piano you'll hear nowhere else. more...
Frank Foster

Frank Foster's Loud Minority Band - We Do It Diff'rent
In Frank’s words, “This is something quite different…I’m not trying to revolutionize the big band, I’m just telling it the way I hear it with thirteen horns and a rhythm section.” more...

Asante - Bringing Home The Flame: From Havana To Africa
For years, I’ve been itchin’ to find someone to lay down a heavy duty Latin jazz CD, something closer to the Afro-Cuban roots than today’s fare. Then my friend Asante, the legendary master drummer from Ghana, discovered this red hot young lion of Latin piano—and promptly brought him north to the U.S. more...

Kenyetta and the Larry Willis Trio - Every Rung Goes Higher
Holy or heathen, it’s hard not to fall in love with Kenyetta’s voice. Imagine the emotional and musical power of Dinah Washington with the spiritual intensity of the ARC Choir. That’s the unique beauty of Kenyetta’s jazz vocals. more...
Andy McCloud

Andy McCloud's Gentlemen Of Jazz - Blues For Bighead
In the wee hours of a Clifford Jordan session, Andy first caught my ear with a down-in-the-gutter blues solo. Then and now, Andy can play some blues. Even better, he’s a hell of a composer. more...

The C-Nuts - Blitzkreig Bob and Other Jazz Mutilations
I keep hearing the same thing about this CD: “I didn’t know what to think the first time I played the C-Nuts. Now it’s one of my favorites CDs.” These guys play traditional jazz versions of rock hits they grew up with—Dire Straits, The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Peter Gabriel, all that. more...
Walter Booker

Walter Booker Quintet - Bookie's Cookbook
Give a listen to the blues-soaked groove on Bookie’s tune “Pete’s Rock”–you’ll understand why Monk, Cannonball, Sarah Vaughan and Sonny Rollins loved playing with Walter. more...
John Cocuzzi

John Cocuzzi Quintet - Swingin' And Burnin'
I love the real deal, the old Fats Waller, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw 78s from the swing era. This clarinet-vibes combo came burning to play—you hear it in the foot-tapping bounce of “Cheek to Cheek,” in the bluesy pain that permeates “Black and Blue.” more...
Live In Harlem

Patience Higgins' Sugar Hill Quartet - Live In Harlem
If you like your jazz uptempo and overflowing with vitality, look no farther. Patience is a cooking, muscular-toned tenorman somewhere between Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins—a musician great enough to have toured with Ellington, David Murray and Stevie Wonder. more...

Patato with the Enriquillo Winds - Melodia Para Congas
Patato, the history-making pioneer of the modern Latin three-conga style, is the most melodic and the most African of all the Cuban congueros I’ve heard. You’ll never hear the gorgeous attack and resonance of his congas better than here. more...
Andy McKee and NEXT

Andy McKee and NEXT - Sound Roots
Andy’s feel-it-in-the-floor bass propels the gorgeously natural-sounding horns and the warm electric guitar. Billy Kilson’s drums are excitingly splashy and dynamic The originals by McKee are irresistible. Their rhythmic twists and turns, their surprising changes in mood keep me riveted. more...
New York Dances

Jack Jeffers New York Classics Big Band - New York Dances
The trademark low brass punch of the NY Classics knocks out audiences all over the Big Apple, me included. Not so much a jamming big band like Clifford’s, they’re more in the tightly-knit Ellington groove. more...
Clifford Jordan

The Clifford Jordan Big Band - Play What You Feel
Clifford’s big band wasn’t a machine of stunning precision like the Basie Band. It was a warm and swinging group with great jazz soloists, akin to Dizzy’s big band from the late ’40s. more...
The Ebony Brass Quintet

The Ebony Brass Quintet - Brand New Bag
Fans of the Modern Jazz Quartet or the Canadian Brass Quintet, take special notice. EBQ melds the instrumentation of a classical quintet (two trumpets, trombone, Frech horn and tuba) into a mellow, new jazz sound. more...
Hamiet Bluiett

Hamiet Bluiett Sextet - Young Warrior, Old Warrior
If you’re a fan of blues-steeped jazz with an unstoppable groove, you have to hear this CD. The line-up is stellar: Bluiett on bari sax; ex-Mingus star Jack Walrath on trumpet; young lion Mark Shim on tenor and a peerless rhythm section—Larry Willis, Keter Betts and Jimmy Cobb. more...
A La Carte Brass & Percussion

A La Carte Brass and Percussion - Boogeyin'! Swamprock, Salsa & 'Trane
A La Carte serves up a New Orleans street band marinated with a hot salsa percussion section. The brass section stomps like the Dirty Dozen and moans like a Bourbon Street funeral.. more...
Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Solo Spirit
I’m still blown away by the majesty and quietly swinging power of Larry’s solo piano on this, his first Mapleshade session. For 20 years, he’d wanted to record his jazz interpretations of the church music he grew up with. Here’s the fruit of those creative years. more...