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Svetlana Furdui & Nataliya Medvedovskaya

Svetlana Furdui & Nataliya Medvedovskaya - Rachmaninov, The Impassioned Songwriter
Until I heard Svetlana sing, I didn't even know about the other Rachmaninov, composer of the most brilliant songs of the Romantic era and the first to let piano and voice contribute equally to a song's drama. more...
Douglas Allanbrook

Douglas Allanbrook - Symphony No. 2 and No. 3
The first time I heard these two stunning symphonies, I was dumbfounded. The emotion, profundity and harmonic richness I heard went way beyond familiar American contemporaries like Copeland, Barber, Thomson, Piston, and Ives. more...
Alif Laila & Ustad Sattar Khan

Alif Laila & Ustad Sattar Khan - Sangam
Ravi Shankar plays the classical music of India with pristine technique — but I'm not swept away. With Alif Laila, I am. Her sitar-playing brings new emotion, drama, dynamics to these centuries-old ragas. Tari, a world-renowned tabla master, frames her sitar with beguiling percussion melodies, played with boggling dexterity and heart-stopping expressiveness. more...
Marcus Raskin

Carlo Pezzimenti & Aaron Cotton - Diplogenesis
Segovia's vivid colors and unfettered emotions find new life in the hands of these two brilliant disciples: Satie's melodies soar, de Falla's cameos glow, and the new Latin impressionists burn. more...
Marcus Raskin

Marcus Raskin - Elegy For The End Of The Cold War
Raskin’s a conservatory-trained pianist turned virtuoso improviser. His CD weaves drama, passion and breathtaking lyricism into a suite of gripping tableaus of the Cold War. more...
Douglas Allanbrook

Douglas Allanbrook - The Majesty Of The Horn
Stravinsky's always been my favorite 20th century composer. That's why I'm so drawn to Allanbrook's music—particularly this monumental, nearly symphonic French horn and piano piece. more...
Alan Gampel

Alan Gampel - Chopin and Liszt Sonatas
If, like me, you love these two giants of High Romantic piano, our CD’s a must have: a stunningly passionate virtuoso performance of two monumental piano sonatas; an amazing new Italian piano with sound that transcends Steinways or Bosendorfers; and a best-ever Mapleshade recording, way beyond the sonic standards of the major labels. more...
Ethan Frome

Douglas Allanbrook - Ethan Frome
The world premiere of Allanbrook’s grand opera, Ethan Frome. Drawing on Edith Wharton’s most powerful and tragic novel, the opera is rich in melody, a vividly American transformation of the great Italian bel canto tradition. more...
Douglas Allanbrook

Douglas Allanbrook - Songs Of Love And Death
I wanted to make our first classical release more than just memorable. So I picked this jewel-like cycle of lieder by an American composer of genius. Imbuing the timeless lyrics with subtle passion is an amazing young mezzo with a full contralto range. more...