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Three Ways To Fly First Class
by Thomas Conrad

Bobby Battle's The Offering contains deeply felt personal statements by David Murray and also by Mapleshade's musical director, pianist Larry Willis. One of the most extraordinary discs from Mapleshade is by pianist Chris Anderson, who is blind and partially paralyzed and who rarely plays in public. He's unknown to the world at large but is legendary among musicians as an original harmonic thinker and as a teacher of pianists such as Herbie Hancock. Love Locked Out consists of stark, slow, jagged imaginings of songs like Send in the Clowns and The Folks Who Live on the Hill, whose beauty and pain will stop you cold.

Clifford Jordan Quartet: Live at Ethell's
(Mapleshade MHS 512629A, 1987)

Eddie Gale Quintet: A Minute With Miles
(Mapleshade 01132, 1992)

Chris Anderson: Love Locked Out
(Mapleshade 5126921, 1987)