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CD Feedback

I've purchased Mapleshade Cd's in the past, by John Hicks, Steve Davis, Leon Thomas, Gary Bartz, The ARC Choir, Mapleshade Sampler,and Patience Higgins. The Patience Higgins, "Live in Harlem" is a winner on all accounts,the personnel, the selections (especially,Monk's Let's cool one), the sound quality(especially good for a neighborhood bar), and the overall good feeling that I remember from growing up in Harlem. I've recommended it to friends and foes alike. I just saw Patience Higgins live at the Father's Day concert at Riverbank State Park in Harlem 20June with the Lou Grassi Quintet. A real blowing session. They sent us off into the rainy night with Horace Silver's "Song for my Father".

Stay the course for the music, In appreciation, Fred

I have not heard such real recordings for a long time, if ever. The music comes to life, the mood is made. It makes me realise just how much has been taken out of so many recordings. Music which I would not otherwise listen to I now understand and feel. Everyone who has heard your recording of The Redwine Trio has asked who was playing and commented favourably.

Your catalogue has solved my Christmas present dilema, I hope that the friends who receive your CDs from me come back to you for more.

- Andrew

Wow your Cd`s knock me out! Such clean clear beautiful sound. I am listening on a nice set up with Vanderstten 3A signatures and Audio Research electronics and a very nice Metronome CD player so I always have nice sound but your CD`s are the very best I have heard anywhere.So natural sounding with marvelous ambience and detail it`s like being there!

- Mark

Dear Pierre,

Why did I wait so long ? After years of tweaking (various cones, platforms,power cords and components) I am now the very satisfied owner of a Samson rack. Who knew (you, obviously)That a rack could make such an improvement in a systems sound ? The first CD I played was your new Redwine Trio disc.Pierre, you have truly outdone yourself on this one.The transparency and delicacy of this CD simply has to be heard.I was holding back tears halfway through track #1. The new rack was,of course,contributing it's full share, as I found out later with many of my favorite CD's. The "reediness" of wind instruments,the plucked guitar strings and the shimmer of struck cymbals all given new life and naturalness by the Samson rack.Add to this a completely silent background and a solidity to each performance that really makes for fatigue free listening. Thanks for designing such a superior and attractive product.

Best regards,