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Free/Avante Garde Jazz

Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Paul Murphy & Larry Willis - The Powers Of Two, Volume 2
Paul Murphy, the legendary Jimmy Lyons' blazingly fast drummer, inspired this history-making session — an inspired depths in Larry Willis' piano you'll hear nowhere else. more...
Paul Murphy & Larry Willis

Larry Willis & Paul Murphy - The Powers Of Two
Ever hear a duo create the impact of a symphony? Larry and Paul do just that. With only piano and drums, they break through to a breathtaking new place in music, a space where jazz and classical and improv become indistinguishable. more...

Windmill Saxophone Quartet - This 'N' That
JazzTimes says "an astonishing palette of sound from the unorthodox instrumentation...inventive and full of panache, with a dash of the experimental avant garde.". more...
Larry Willis

Larry Willis - Sunshower
Want a chance to hear the great Larry Willis stretch out in adventurous new directions? My friend, Paul Murphy, Jimmy Lyon’s incredible drummer, was the catalyst. He brought the blues-steeped improvising cellist, Kash Killion, to the studio. more...
Andy McCloud

Andy McCloud's Gentlemen Of Jazz - Blues For Bighead
In the wee hours of a Clifford Jordan session, Andy first caught my ear with a down-in-the-gutter blues solo. Then and now, Andy can play some blues. Even better, he’s a hell of a composer. more...
Larry Willis and Hamiet Bluiett

Larry Willis and Hamiet Bluiett - If Trees Could Talk
This recording lights up the gorgeous contrasts between Bluiett’s huge R&B-based sound and Larry’s lush, romantic piano harmonies. They swing from stride and Monk to loft jazz, Coltrane and free improvisation. more...
Paul Meyers & Santi Debriano

Warren Smith - Cats Are Stealing My $hit
Warren might just be the only man alive who’s played with Miles Davis and Janis Joplin. Not to mention Nat King Cole, Charlie Mingus and Aretha Franklin. Here, he collaborates with jazz virtuosos he admires—including Stanley Cowell, Steve Novosel, Kent Jordan and Chief Bey. more...
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor Quintet - Quietland
Though the sound of the horn is impassioned, we'd never thought about doing a jazz French horn session. But Mark's soulful solos at our Ebony Brass session blew us and Bluiett away. more...
Clifford Jordan

Clifford Jordan - The Mellow Side Of Clifford Jordan
An intimate glimpse at the Chicago tenor sax giant at the height of his earthy, blues-steeped sound. I recorded these historic duo and trio sessions during 1989 and 1990. They feature Clifford jamming with his closest musical friends, including Julian Priester, Larry Willis, Chris Anderson and Carter Jefferson. more...

Patato with the Enriquillo Winds - Melodia Para Congas
Patato, the history-making pioneer of the modern Latin three-conga style, is the most melodic and the most African of all the Cuban congueros I’ve heard. You’ll never hear the gorgeous attack and resonance of his congas better than here. more...
Hamiet Bluiett

Hamiet Bluiett - Bluiett's Barbeque Band
Here’s a stomping Bluiett electric group that’ll knock you on your butt. His group includes Calvin Jones on electric bass, Ronnie Burrage on drums, Donald Blackman on keyboard and Chief Bey on hand drums. more...
Raphe Malik

Raphé Malik Quintet - Sirens Sweet and Slow
A three-horn front line, led by Cecil Taylor's trumpeteer, ranges from utterly lyrical freedom to tearing-the-house-down full group improvs. With Glenn Spearman on tenor. more...
Clifford Jordan and Ran Blake

Clifford Jordan and Ran Blake - Masters From Different Worlds
When you put together two great players as different as Jordan and Blake, you never know if you’ll get magic or a train wreck. This time, we got the magic. Pianist Ran Blake’s been tagged the mad monk of jazz. more...
Eddie Gale

Eddie Gale Quintet - A Minute With Miles
Eddie’s an unsung jazz trumpeter. He built up his chops under the tutelage of modernist greats Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane and Larry Young. His knock-out performances landed him a record deal with Blue Note in ’68. more...