Yucca Flats

Yucca Flats - Garden Of Weeds
Put your preconceptions to the side, Yucca Flats is like no acoustic rock band you’ve heard. The Counting Crows or Dave Matthews are a reference point, but neither capture the Flat’s quirky eloquence. more...
Al Lee

Al Lee - Ain't Playing The Game
We’ve put a lot of thought into describing the unique appeal of Al’s vocals and guitar. I suggested “James Taylor, but with more balls.” Eldon liked “Cross Roads-era Clapton mixed with Paul Simon, dipped in the blues." more...
Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels - Rain Of Fire
Here’s our first rock CD. If you like “Desperado” or “Hotel California”-era Eagles, I think you’ll dig the Fallen Angels too. They were one of most the popular underground rock-blues-folk bands on the East Coast in the late ’60s. more...
Silent Bear

Silent Bear - River Drum Child
Silent Bear’s an utterly original singer-songwriter duo. Mark sings, plays guitar and harmonica, writes remarkable songs. Kahlil is a stunningly sensitive percussionist: his congas, shakers, cymbals and bells wrap a myriad of colors and ethnicity around Mark’s songs. more...
Harvey Thomas Young

Harvey Thomas Young - Highways Of Gold
Austin music legend Harvey Thomas Young (aka Tex Thomas) inspired me to start Wildchild! with charismatic guitar-accompanied tales of his snuff-sniffin’ Grandma and his beer-induced lusts. more...